Society Sessions pt.2

Los Angeles, California
JUNE 23, 2016

Bibi Bourelly

Bibi Bourelly! If you have not heard of this 22 Berlin born artist yet, get with it.  Not only does she write some of your favorite artists hit songs, she also has two EP's  (Society Sessions Pt. 1 and Society Session Pt. 2), with hits of her own. A strong female vocalist that isn't afraid to say what she feels but also inspires the fighter in all of us to keep going no matter what your background, with songs like "Riot" and "Ballin'".

 The Society Sessions Pt. 2 release party  held at the House of Guvera in Los Angeles.

"If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world."- Elaine Dalton

"The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives.  The harder you fight for something, the more priceless it will becomes once you achieve it.  And the more pain you have to endure on your journey, the sweeter your arrival at your destination.  All good things are worth waiting for an fighting for." -Unknown