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My name is Yuka and I’m a Los Angeles based photographer and creator of Rezident Alien!  I was born in Japan and raised in Los Angeles.  Basically just a little alien running around the streets shooting things with my Canon, focused on opening the world to viewers by capturing the diverse art, talents, people, and cultures that the world has to offer.  I graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach with a degree in Film Production Management where the idea of Rezident Alien first began to manifest.

I created Rezident Alien to encourage embracing who you are, your culture(s), and your talents, through photography and videography.  I hope to make the audience use to seeing and accepting ALL peoples and their culture(s) and not accepting the media/ Hollywood as the standards for reality.

The Rezident Alien logo is the Japanese symbol of friendship (also the first symbol of my name in Japanese). I hope that when people see the symbol of Rezident Alien, they know that there is someone out there encouraging their becoming, no matter what race,gender,religion,etc.We are all foreign to different parts of our own planet. Be open to what you don't know/understand. We all have so much to offer, together there are endless possibilities in the changes we can make. Energy can't be destroyed. Show them what you got and spread good vibes along the way.


We are all just visitors here.
Live Fully. Spread Love.
Feel free to visit.

Rezident Alien



What is Rezident Alien?



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