Welcome to Rezident Alien!

I been getting asked a lot and I’m sure plenty are wondering what Rezident Alien is about.  Rezident Alien isn’t just my photography website, but a bigger concept I have been brewing up for quite some time. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, like most people, I wanted to pursue acting.  Started from a really young age and kept going at it until I was in college.  My schedules were crazy.  8am classes in Long Beach, then straight to auditions in LA, then back to my 2pm classes.  Plenty of scams and bad choices along the way but something that really made me realize why things were difficult was in submitting  on casting websites. I was tired of submitting to sexy and nerdy asian roles, and if it wasn’t that, it was small background roles.  I didn’t fit the descriptions of “Looking for a Megan Fox type girl” and all the photos they posted as examples to cast the main roles. 

I started off wanting to major in theatre, but in order to broaden my perspective, I really wanted to learn the business side of film. Once I switched majors to Film Production Management I started learning more and more about the lack of diversity in Hollywood cinema.

One day while waiting for the bus to get home from school, I was talking to a classmate from my film class and the {Race Bending Organization} was brought to my attention.  They’re  an organization that gained attention in 2009 when “The Last Airbender” film was being cast.  Roles were stereotyped fiercely during casting and even sparked protests for recasting.


The Race Bending Organization as described on their site:

“Racebending.com is an international grassroots organization of media consumers that advocates for underrepresented groups in entertainment media. Since our formation in 2009, we have been dedicated to furthering equal opportunities in Hollywood and beyond.” 


This organization inspired me to want to help break stereotypes and the “standards” Hollywood seems to influence on people not just in the states but also around the world.

I spoke to a teacher about the concept of diversifying Hollywood and I was straight up told, “You can’t. If you did, you would have to create a whole new media”.  . .You see, I’m  5ft4″ (on a good day), but no matter how big the issue may be, “You cant” wasn’t an answer I was willing to accept and this is something that needed to change. 

After lots of different ideas and concepts I came up with Rezident Alien. My aim is to showcase the beauty in all people, cultures and encourage their becoming. Also to help connect people through food, art, and awarenesses of causes to understand/ be open to learning about each other. Respect can be shown without saying a word and can be understood everywhere.       

It’s not always easy being different in a world that puts faces to everything. In reality, nothing has a face.  You can’t put a face to beauty just like how you can’t put a face to intelligence, bravery, or honesty. Just because a person becomes well known for certain qualities such as beauty, doesn’t mean becoming like them will make you beautiful.

We are all human and we have many different faces but, like humans do, sometimes we make mistakes.  It’s what you learn from those mistakes and how you handle it that matters. Grow from it.  Support each other, and if you can’t get along, just stay respectful of each other and their space. It’s not about who is the leader.  It’s about what we can do, together, to lead us all into a better future.

“If the knowledge is given to everyone, we can have lots of leaders, and soon everyone will be strong.” -Whale Rider (2002)

Be open to learning and even relearning.
This is part of your growth and who is to say you’ve learned it all. 


Welcome to Rezident Alien.

ALL are welcome.